Simple Freedoms: Chapter One

Simple Freedoms
By BoundNightmares
Copyright 2009 by BoundNightmares

Cover art from the original photograph
“After the Corset”
Cover art © 2009 by Ted Afanasiev
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This is a work of adult fiction. If you are not an adult, this work is not for you. The characters are not real. The scenes and situations may or may not be possible. For your own safety and the safety of others, do not try to duplicate anything you read here. Severe injury or death may result. Remember: Safe. Sane. Consensual.


It all started with a wink. Not in person, but one of those on-line dating services. Kira had joined one catering to fetish lifestyles, after the premature death of her father forced her to evaluate the meager existence she called life. Her father, Robert, had lived a cautious life, always insisting he would “Live it up” later. Always later. “Later, after you grow up and get your degree. Later, after the house is paid off. Later, after I retire.” He always believed there would be time for later, but death came sooner.
The only silver lining to Robert’s cautious life and early death, was the insurance money. With that, her father’s “Later” became Kira’s now, and she vowed to experience life to the fullest. Her first act as new Kira was to dump the ho-hum boyfriend of eleven months. She wanted nothing to do with safe and bland. Her second act was research. Kira wanted to know everything that might be exciting. Nothing death defying, but wild adventures to get her heart pumping. It wasn’t long before the porn filled internet returned search hits to the wild adventures of BDSM, and Kira was intrigued. After more research and lots of reading, Kira’s active imagination led her hand inside of her panties. The gushing orgasm that followed opened the door to a new life, a new world, and Kira knew she had finally found home.
Kira decided to register on She started to upload a pic of herself in a modest skirt, with her face hidden, before she realized that was still the old Kira. She then realized that all of her clothes did not match her newfound lifestyle so shopping was going to come soon. For now, her sluttiest Victoria’s Secret, stockings, and 4” pumps would have to do.
After modeling for her own camera, Kira selected a picture of her in a classic French Maid pose: legs straight and long, bent over slightly at the waist, and most importantly, face exposed. This would be her cumming out party. Kira was never going to hide again, and as she clicked upload, a small orgasm ripped through her core.
Kira didn’t reply to any of the messages from prospective men, but she read them all and fantasized. After about a week, she realized that some of them wanted to do things that repulsed her, so she updated her profile to indicate some of her preferences. Some leather, heels, a little bondage, maybe just a little pain, etc. Nothing too extreme, Kira just wanted to test the waters. This reduced the number of messages and she decided it was time to reply to one. While browsing over the different profiles, someone sent her a wink. She smiled to herself and said, “This is your lucky day.” After looking at the sender’s profile, she noticed that it wasn’t just a guy but a married couple, Jack and Sara. Jack was a Dom, but Sara said she switched. Kira had never been with a woman, but the thought didn’t turn her off.
After a few getting to know you emails, IM’s, and one vanilla lunch date, Jack, Sara, and Kira agreed to progress the relationship. Although Kira was curious about both Domination and Submission, Kira would try submission first, since Jack was a Top. If that went well, she hoped to progress to domination, and then maybe some short-term slavery.
Kira asked Sara for some help shopping since she didn’t have any scene clothing or toys. Since Sara switched, and Kira hoped the relationship would last, they first wanted to pick out a Domme outfit for Kira. After the clerk measured every nook and cranny on Kira’s body, they selected a candy red and black leather overbust corset sized just to shape. Below that went a pair of black leather zippered crotch panties. Thigh high stockings and 5” stiletto boots rounded out the first outfit. The second outfit they picked out, Kira was told, would be her first act of submission. Sara explained that bondage is a form of submission, and your clothing can bind you as well as any chain. Sara ordered Kira to strip and place everything on the counter by the register. Kira was then paraded around the store, face red with her head hung low in humiliation. Sara stopped, and told her to lift her head and be proud.
“Kira, you have a beautiful body and have made a choice against boring. Now rejoice in that freedom. You have nothing to be ashamed about.”
Kira lifted first her eyes to Sara, and upon seeing her beautiful smile, slowly radiated one back and lifted her head high. “I’m ready.”
Sara grabbed a leash off the shelf and looped it around Kira’s neck. “This is just temporary, until we get your first collar.” She then led her back to the corsets and chose a longer, Victorian style. Kira didn’t understand why she needed two corsets and was told she should only wear clothing appropriate to the situation. “The Sub and the Domme in you need to stay separate to help you with the mindset.” Sara then proceeded to point out a few features of the new corset, such as the 5” waist reduction, and the long, pointed front busk that would extend halfway down her pelvis.
After a half-hour of tightening, Kira knew what a rabbit felt like as the python slowly crushed it. Kira mentioned she could barely breathe so Sara told her to sit and rest for a few minutes. “I need to go pick up a few odds and ends anyway,” she told her. Upon sitting, Kira suddenly knew why Sara mentioned the pointy bottom of the corset. It jabbed into her pubic bone uncomfortably. Upon returning, Sara snickered when she found Kira standing. She handed a pack of stockings and a shoe box to Kira and told her to get dressed. Kira asked about panties, but knew the answer when Sara just smiled.
After gingerly sitting back down, Kira pulled on the stockings making sure the back seam was straight. When she opened the shoe box, a pair of bright red, 5” stilettos greeted her. After buckling the ankle strap, Sara handed her two small padlocks sans keys. Kira shivered as she locked the on the fuck-me pumps wondering how long her feet were going to suffer. Sara then produced a 3” wide bright red patent leather belt that matched the shoes. Sized for the corset, Sara buckled it on and again handed Kira a tiny padlock.
After the belt was secure, Sara releashed Kira, and they strolled to the leather skirts. After a bit of browsing, Sara picked a black leather, knee length pencil skirt. After Kira stepped into it and zipped it up, Sara explained Kira’s predicament.
“You gave me your breath when I tightened the corset. The heels and skirt limit your gate: you gave me your mobility. You gave me your decency when I led you around naked, by a leash. You suffer for me when you stand and walk: those 5” heels will see to that. You suffer for me when you sit, as the corset stabs into your pelvis. Finally, you gave me your freedom with three little clicks. This is what submission means. I take from you, what pleases me, as you give it willingly. Do you think you’re ready?”
Kira only hesitated a moment before raising herself up proud, smiled, and nodded. “Good girl” Sara replied. “Let’s go get your first collar.”
Her collar was a 1” wide ring of deep blue, very thick latex. It had a black padlock printed on the back while the front had a small polished steel ring bonded halfway into the layers. It had been carefully measured to just fit her neck without any constriction, and since it was a solid piece, with no buckles or clasps, it needed a special machine to stretch it over her head. After it was on, Kira tried to stretch it back, but couldn’t even get four fingers under it. Sara just watched, and smiled.
“Kira, this is your collar. It is a public display of your submission. Take pride in your place and take pride in your collar. It needs to be cleaned and polished at all times. Failure to do this would be an insult to your Master and Mistress. Do you under stand, and willingly submit?”
“Yes Mistress” replied Kira.
“Good. Now your collar is your choice. As you are not a slave, that is still your choice to make. If at anytime you desire to end this, your collar may be cut off with any normal pair of scissors. If you wish this, please seek our counsel first, as once that collar is severed, our relationship will be as well. Again Kira, do you understand and willingly submit to Jack and I?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Excellent” smiled Sara. “Now let’s shop till you drop.”
They spent the remainder of the afternoon buying all of the accoutrements Kira would need when she was away from Sara and Jack. Hoods, gags, leather, and latex, it all went home with Kira. After getting it all stowed at Kira’s, Sara stood to leave. She praised Kira on her first day and handed her a card.
“This is our home address. Be there at 8:00am tomorrow and bring nothing but the clothes you are wearing. Lock your purse in the trunk of your car, and drop your keys through the mail slot before you ring the bell.”
As Kira started to answer yes, Sara grabbed her head and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. Kira gladly returned it, glowing inwardly. Sara abruptly broke the kiss, turned on her heels and waved as she was walking back to her car, leaving Kira standing there dumbstruck. When she realized she just French kissed a woman while dressed like a porn star, for the entire neighborhood to see, her smile didn’t waver. When she realized she did not have the keys to the locks, and would be stuck inside the restrictive corset and heels until tomorrow, her smile did flicker a bit. It quickly returned and beamed brightly, as she turned into her house and closed the door.
Since it was getting dark, Kira decided to call it a day and headed towards the stairs for bed. Since the skirt would not allow her to climb stairs, and it was the only article of clothing not locked on, Kira removed it. She hadn’t realized what clothing could do to her and she was grateful to Sara for this small bit of freedom. After relieving her bladder and washing up as best she could, Kira eased herself into bed and almost cried at the relief of the pains in her feet. She needed to cum but didn’t want to get back on her feet to get a vibrator. Instead, two fingers found their way inside her and her thumb danced on her clit. It didn’t take long for the orgasm to overtake her. As she relaxed in the afterglow, she fell asleep with her fingers still nestled in her pussy.

  1. November 11, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    This is only the first chapter, about 14%. If you enjoy it, the story is available on Amazon for the Kindle, and for multiple formats for only $1.99. It should soon be available on Barnes and Noble and on Sony’s site for their respective readers.

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