Please visit my profile on where you will find all of my works offered in various formats including the Kindle and Sony reader formats. Some stories and poems are even free. Enjoy. Please note that all of my works are copyrighted. Anything I post to this blog may be reproduced and/or quoted, but please give me credit as the author. Thank you.

Barnes and Noble

November 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I am pleased to report that Simple Freedoms is live on for their nook reader. However, only part two of Ready to Dance is live. They are still having trouble with the free stories and part one is free. For anyone linking from here that is not an issue as part one has its own page where it is posted in full. Both should also work on their iphone ereader app.

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Simple Freedoms

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I have created a page for the first chapter of Simple Freedoms. I hope you enjoy it. As for its sequel, I have had to slow down writing as my job has taken more of my time. I have been writing some non-erotic poetry that will make it into an anthology under my real name.

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Simple Freedoms rankings

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I am happy to report that Simple Freedoms has achieved its highest Amazon rankings to date at 19587 in the Kindle Store and
#34 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Erotica > Gay & Lesbian > Lesbian

Thanks to all who have purchased it.

I will also reiterate that Amazon will not allow me to give away Pliable. Its price is set at the minimum of $0.99. It is available for free from smashwords, in multiple formats, including the Kindle. I am sad to say it received a one star review from Dee Cee “A2 Reader” (Ann Arbor, MI USA) who says zero stars are to many.

“What a rip-off this is. Poor formatting. I should have known better when the sample was blank”

I’m sorry you were so disappointed with it. With a product description of “A quick little Femdom tale …”, a file size of 5 KB, and a blank sample, I think the average person would pick up on the fact that it is short. It’s a shame you didn’t visit this blog before you purchased it. You could have read it for FREE.
O well.

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lack of time

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment

It is both good and bad that the company I work for has increased my hours to approx. 55/week. Of course that means more money, but it also means less time for my family and less time to write. I have found that to produce quality fiction, I must be well rested and relaxed and I am neither. My work on poetry continues, but the longer works, like the sequel to Simple Freedoms and my first attempt at writing a mainstream novel, have not been progressing at the timetable I would like. However, they are still ongoing and have not been set aside. Writing is important to me and I am making time for it so please be patient.

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October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I have broken up the site, creating pages for individual stories. So far, I have Pliable and the first part of Ready to Dance? I will also be creating pages for the samples that are available on smashwords and Amazon. Enjoy

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Barnes and Noble

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

My work is finally working its way into the Barnes and Noble site. Yea. So far, the detail pages are up, but when I tried to actually buy it, it would sell it to me, but not allow me to download it. Right now it is just the free stuff anyway, but I expect the remainder in two weeks or so.

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I have decided to post Pliable on this blog. For more of my work, visit my profile on smashwords. If you enjoy it, please feel free to say so. Comments and/or reviews on either smashwords or Amazon or tags on Amazon would be even better. Thanks.

By Bound Nightmares
Copyright 2009 by Bound Nightmares

Also from BoundNightmares

Simple Freedoms
Ready to Dance

For more information about me, please visit my smashwords profile page

This is a work of adult fiction. If you are not an adult, this work is not for you. The characters are not real. The scenes and situations may or may not be possible. For your own safety and the safety of others, do not try to duplicate anything you read here. Severe injury or death may result. Remember: Safe. Sane. Consensual.

My girlfriend April, is what you would call a yoga fanatic: 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can be needy at times, and I started to complain that her yoga was more important to her than I was. Her first response was that I was more than welcome to start doing yoga with her. She could teach me. That wasn’t going to happen, and I let the argument go. About a week later, I was sitting in my chair watching the Buckeye’s play football, and April brings out her big Pilates ball. She also brings out the stretchy bands she uses to warm up. I had noticed before, that the long, colorful strips were actually latex rubber. Those, and her spandex leotard, were two of my favorite accessories to her yoga, but unfortunately, the leotard didn’t seem to be on the agenda. With a wicked grin, she tells me to shut-up as she shuts off the game. She slowly saunters over to me, swaying her hips, and pulls out the footrest on my Lazy-boy. She picks up the purple latex strip, and ties the end of it to my ankle. She wraps it around the footrest several times, pulling it very tight before tying the remaining end to my other ankle. In 30 seconds, she had immobilized my legs. Picking up another band, she orders me to hold out my arm. After securing it to my wrist, the band goes under the chair, and pulls it our on the other side. She pulls it as tight as she can before looping it abound my free wrist and securing it. She runs her last band around both elbows and the back of the chair, looping it twice. This strip of latex is thinnest, so it stretches more than the others. Finally, she drops her jeans, revealing her soaked, cotton panties. “That really turned me on,” she says, “so these are going to be extra flavorful. Open up.” After meekly opening my mouth, she pulls out a pair of pantyhose she had been hiding. She puts the crotch of the hose over my head, wraps both legs around my head once to secure the panties in my mouth, and finally ties the legs together behind the chair. I’m truly stuck, and in heaven, but then she walks away.
She returns a few minutes later, with a new leotard. This one is a deep, iridescent blue. I also notice that it is a little small on her as her breasts seem to be trying to rip the seams apart. As she stops before me, my eyes drop to the magical camel toe. Following my eyes, she smiles and begins.
“You are such a pathetic bitch, whining about how we don’t spend enough time together. I’ve decided that this is the solution to your problem. I’m going to tie you up every day, and your going to sit there, fully clothed, and watch me exercise. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to position myself, so when I do the downward facing dog, you get a good show.
After I’m done, I’m going to peel off this leotard, and climb up on that chair. I’m going to lock my wet, sweaty pussy on your mouth, and force you to eat me out. If you please me, I will let you go. If you don’t please me, I’m just going to clamp my legs down so tight you won’t get any air, and pass out. Then I’m going to whip your pathetic little cock until that makes me cum, and leave you bound for the rest of the night. Tomorrow morning, I will climb back up on your face and let you try again. Fail me twice, and I might just rip your little pecker clean off. Now, you just sit tight while I go exercise.”
With that she starts to bend backwards over the large rubber ball. She splays her legs to give me a great view of the spandex stretching even tighter over her mons. It looks like my dinner is self-basting.